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Santa Fe College | Auditorium + Music Recital Hall

Gainesville, Florida

To meet the increasing need for cultural educational and performance spaces at the college the “E Auditorium was renovated and remodeled into a modern space with superior acoustics, lighting, and presentation technology.  The renovated space will be used for a variety of purposes such as music instrument and voice instruction, practice and performances, lectures and presentations, and civic meetings and assemblies.


Siebein Associates conducted acoustical field measurements of reflected and reverberant sound levels and reverberation time in the existing Auditorium to understand the current acoustical conditions in the room and to define limitations posed by the volume and shape of the room in achieving optimal acoustics in the renovated space. We provided acoustical design recommendations for sound reflecting, diffusing and absorbing finishes in the room to meet the acoustical criteria.  Acoustical drapes and operable panels on the orchestral enclosure allow a wide range of acoustical responses in the room to accommodate the wide variety of performances that occur in the room.


Siebein Associates also provided acoustical design recommendations for sound isolation and vibration control of the HVAC system.


We also provided comprehensive design services for a superior state-of-the-art audio visual and lighting system for the space.

Project Gallery

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