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We believe that each room we design is unique and is shaped by the people that will use the room.  We design each room with this in mind, as we collaborate with the Owner, users and design team.   We take pride in this deliberate approach as we seek to let the distinctive attributes of the users and the way they inhabit their space dictate the acoustic design so that each room we work on achieves a unique acoustic identity rooted in the specific needs and requirements of the users, overall design approaches, budget an context.


We are a growing firm with trained professionals that have significant educational and project experience in each of the specialty areas of acoustics, architecture, engineering, theater, and management. Senior Principal Consultant, Gary W. Siebein co-founded the firm to bring the advanced acoustical modeling, measuring, predicting, simulating and evaluation tools developed in his university research laboratory to creatively design, thoughtfully implement and truly value-engineer acoustical systems in a wide variety of actual building acoustic and environmental acoustic design projects.


We have pioneered the use of advanced acoustical measuring systems to evaluate acoustical challenges in complex rooms located within large urban and rural areas as well as computer modeling methods to assess prospective design solutions.  We have dedicated sound analysis methods that are unique for each specific building type: performing arts, music halls, offices, firing ranges, hospitals, and schools, among others.

Scientifically accurate auralizations or ‘acoustical sketches’ are completed in the models that mix the acoustical response of the design with speech or music so that the sonic qualities of alternative design schemes can be listened to and evaluated by the Design Team and Client to assist them in making important decisions.


We provide computerized design calculations and model studies for proposed designs and sound system layouts as part of our basic services. We also have the equipment to perform field measurements in conformance with ANSI, ASTM, ISO and other standards for most acoustic situations in existing buildings and environments.

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