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Ringling College of Art + Design Soundstages

Sarasota, Florida

The Ringling College Studio Labs is the first academic and commercial sound stage and post production facility of its kind in Florida utilizing the Dolby Atmos system.  The lab has two sound stages that are each 8,400 sq ft, and three sound stages that are 2,000 sq ft each.  Additionally, there are over 5,000 sq ft of post-production spaces with control rooms, a Foley suite, editing suites dubbing bays, offices, a professional screening room and a sound effects stage.


Siebein Associates was there from the beginning, providing a site noise study for the new building site, constructing a computer model of building skin assemblies, and providing acoustical design recommendations for the rooms in the building including the size and shape of the rooms and location of sound absorbing and diffusing surfaces as well as design and selection of interior finish materials.  Siebein Associates worked closely with the recording artists who served as design consultants to the Client to design each room to precise, state-of-the-art criteria and sound qualities. All of the spaces were built as rooms within rooms due to the extremely high sound isolation needed to be achieved between spaces.


Siebein Associates also developed detailed MEP sound control recommendations for 6 single zone, constant volume air handling units serving major acoustical rooms in the building, including computer models of sound attenuation required for duct borne noise, airborne noise and vibration produced by HVAC system components and recommendations for silencers, duct linings and other attenuation measures needed to meet the design criteria.  We also provided vibration isolation recommendations for air handling units, pumps, and other equipment serving acoustical rooms in the building.

Project Gallery

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