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Florida Polytechnic University Information Science + Technology Building

Lakeland, Florida

The IST Building suffered acoustically from sound bleed between the Offices and the Commons Space and also from reverberant sound build-up in the Commons Space. Siebein Associates conducted acoustical measurements of reflected and reverberant sound build-up at multiple source and receiver locations within the Commons Space and well as background noise level measurements in the spaces.

We also conducted acoustical field measurements of Noise Insulation Class (NIC) to quantify the sound bleed between offices and adjacent spaces. We conducted acoustical analysis of sound bleed issues between the Commons and offices as well as acoustical analysis of speech privacy between adjacent offices and between the offices and the Commons space. We also conducted acoustical analysis of the noise buildup in the Commons space.

Siebein Associates provided acoustical design recommendations for noise mitigation strategies to reduce reflected and reverberant sound build-up and limit speech privacy intrusions in the offices and in the Commons Space.

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