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Black Prong Pavilion

Bronson, Florida

Black Prong Equestrian Village is a 90-acre resort with a Main Pavilion that is used for large social gatherings, dining and events such as wedding receptions. The owners expressed concerns about sound build-up and clarity of speech in the space during events. Additionally, the owners planned to add an outdoor event space that would be located very near the exterior mechanical equipment and expressed concerns about equipment noise disturbing outdoor events.

Siebein Associates conducted acoustical measurements inside the Pavilion with natural and amplified sounds. The rectangular shape of the space along with the hard flat floor and walls, and the vaulted ceiling produced a series of early reflections from hard, sound-reflecting surfaces near to the sound source. Harsh, late sound reflections from the multiple wall and ceiling surfaces were also measured. Repeated sound reflections between the parallel east and west walls of the rectangular space contributed to the prolonged decay of sound that caused a build-up of sound in the space. Reverberations times measured in the space were excessively long.

We provided acoustical design recommendations for strategically located aesthetically compatible acoustic materials and finishes for the ceilings and walls as well as acoustical drapes for the windows and glass doors that can be deployed during loud events.

Siebein Associates also conducted acoustical measurements of the mechanical equipment and provided acoustical design recommendations for a 3-sided barrier wall for the rooftop equipment to direct sound away from the proposed outdoor event area. For the ground-level mechanical equipment we provided acoustical design recommendations for a sound barrier wall. Our recommendations would reduce the sound levels of the rooftop and ground-level mechanical equipment from 68-72 dBA to 40-45 dBA.

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