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Belize City Civic Center and Arena

Belize City, Belize

The new Belize City Center Arena and Cultural Complex is one of the largest projects of its kind in Belize. It is designed with three interior practice basketball courts and one professional center court with designated seating for up to 4000 for games and 5000 for indoor events such as conventions, concerts and other sporting events. The design also includes post game rooms, media rooms, administration space and concessions space. The facility is equipped with stage and event performance space and back of house facilities. The exterior design allows for multiple plazas that accommodate recreational sports and parks, including two outdoor basketball courts, a soccer field, skateboard parks and outdoor entertainment.

Siebein Associates traveled to Belize to meet with the Client and discuss acoustical design goals for the project. Our consultants conducted acoustical measurements of reflected and reverberant sound levels in several locations using the house sound system before, during and after scheduled events. We then conducted acoustical analysis of the field measured data using sophisticated software and provided acoustical design recommendations for the locations, types and amounts of sound absorbing and diffusing materials required to reduce the reflected and reverberant sound levels. We provided computer modeling of room shaping, room finish selection, sound transmission, environmental noise and HVAC noise control.

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